Erste Campus

Erste Campus, Vienna

The Erste Campus in the Quartier Belvedere district is the new headquarters of the Erste Group, and has room for about 4,500 workstations. With its diverse range of restaurants and cafés, the campus avoids the self-contained isolation of a typical bank office. The building’s sweeping curves create an inviting sense of openness that integrates the building seamlessly into its natural setting.

Its award-winning design was created by Viennese star architects Marta Schreieck and Dieter Henke. Condair EL steam humidifiers provide for an ideal indoor climate in common spaces, offices and conference rooms.


Steam humidifier with electrode heating

Condair EL

The EL series is the latest generation of well-known steam humidifiers from Condair. These products are the first choice whenever simple but reliable steam/air humidification is required.

Users of such installations look for simple and easy operation, and demand healthy, hygienically humidified breathing air. The Condair EL series steam humidifier meets these demands in an exemplary manner.

Further information on the Condair EL

Lattice electrodes with a large surface area

The proven electrode heating of Condair EL electrode steam humidifiers automatically adapts to the quality of the available drinking water with optimization of the unit’s water consumption in an ideal manner. The special lattice structure provides the heater electrodes with the largest possible surface area. The alloy used for the electrodes ensures reliable operation, effective steam production and a long service life in the installation.

Optimized steam distribution
is the key to success

Condair steam distributor
For normal requirements in spacious rooms
and at sufficient humidification distance
Condair OptiSorp
Steam distribution system for homogeneous
distribution over the shortest humidification distances
Condair BlowerPack
with ventilation unit for
direct room humidification

System layout
Electrode steam humidifier

PDF / Brochure: Condair EL electrode steam humidifier