Humidifiers for Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems

Hybrid Humidifier Condair DL

Condair DL 
Hybrid Humidifiers

The Condair DL was developed with regard to the highest possible levels of hygiene safety. Detailed structural solutions have a preventive effect, guarding against uncontrolled germ growth inside the humidifier. The patented HygienePlus® method provides for healthy air and a lasting hygienic environment.

The Condair DL is the next generation of the Condair Dual2—the successful system for adiabatic air humidification. Its hygienic credentials have proven successful in practice and were verified and certified by independent organizations with public responsibility

Innovations in Detail  

Indirect Evaporative Cooler

Condair ME
Evaporative Cooler

The Condair ME surface evaporator was designed to meet the requirements of adiabatic exhaust air cooling. These include minimizing risks to health, ensuring extremely economical operation, and providing durable components.

The patented ME humidifier box achieves optimum values in its vaporizing effect. Compared to conventional surface evaporators, the synthetic base material of the evaporator body stands out for its extreme toughness, long lifespan and unrestricted suitability for fully demineralized water.


Rotary Vaporizer Condair ABS3

Condair ABS3
Rotary Vaporizer

For extremely fine aerosol mist in industrial production, and for storage, animal breeding and animal husbandry. Condair vaporizers use little electricity but have a high vaporizing effect and therefore offer strong humidification performance.

Due to their hard-wearing materials and low-maintenance design, Condair vaporizers are also suitable for harsh environments. They work with almost no maintenance, even in adverse conditions such as dusty and hot environments.  

Rotary Vaporizer Condair 505

Condair 505
Rotary Vaporizer

Horizontal or vertical? The directional attachments for this compact vaporizer allow the fine aerosol mist to escape drip-free in the selected direction.

The device is quick and easy to clean. The customer can decide if he wants to connect the Condair 505 to the water supply or to refill the water tank manually.